PAL Programme

The Pathways to Learning (PAL) Programme supports the development of wider access to libraries and archives collections throughout the island of Ireland. COLICO (Committee on Library Co-operation in Ireland – a North-South body whose function was to optimise the collective value of the combined resources of Irish libraries) established the programme in consultation with all sectors, following on from the conference Pathways to learning: exploring the potential for cross-sectoral library service provision.

Two pilot schemes under the Pathways to Learning programme were developed, one on a regional basis in Cork (Cork PAL) and the other on a thematic basis, focusing on music (Music PAL).  Both pilots started in late Summer 2009, and were launched in Cork and Dublin on 8th March 2010 during Library Ireland Week.

An Chomhairle Leabharlanna/The Library Council managed the COLICO secretariat and supported the committee’s activities including the Pathways to Learning Programme.

The Pathways blog is maintained by members of the Music PAL and Cork PAL committees.