Music PAL

In 2008 COLICO hosted two meetings to discuss the possibility of developing a ‘Music PAL’ co-operative scheme as part of its ‘Pathways to Learning’ initiative. The basic aim of the proposed scheme is to expand the range of music resources available to users of all participating libraries and archives, by establishing a routine structure for referral and access to relevant materials held outside the user’s ‘home’ library
Music PAL Committee
Following the meetings a committee was formed which is chaired by Trinity College, Dublin and includes representatives from An Chomhairle Leabharlanna, Queen’s University Belfast, Belfast Public Libraries, National Library of Ireland, Cork City Libraries, Dublin Institute of Technology and RTE.
Further libraries are welcome to participate  - please contact the COLICO secretariat for further

    Are you a musician?

    A music researcher?

    An aspiring composer?

    A music student?

The Music PAL Access Card opens doors to a wealth of music resources and will get you into some of the best music libraries anywhere in Ireland!

Speak to the librarian at your local library and ask about the Music PAL Access Card.

What is Music PAL?

The Music PAL scheme  facilitates access to music information and materials available across a broad range of libraries and archives throughout the island of Ireland.

Music PAL started on a pilot basis on 1st September 2009, and was launched nationally by novelist and radio broadcaster Deirdre Purcell on 8th March 2010 during Library Ireland Week.

Music PAL Libraries

The Music PAL scheme includes 16 public, 10 higher education, 3 conservatoire and 6 special libraries throughout the island of Ireland, a total of 35 institutions in all.  Many of these hold broad collections of various sizes, while others (such as the Irish Traditional Music Archive and the Contemporary Music Centre) focus on specific musical genres.

More libraries  are welcome to join the scheme- please contact Music PAL for further information.