John Philip Holland (Inventor of the Modern Submarine) Collection now available at NMCI

John Philip Holland (1840-1914) was an Irish engineer who developed the first submarine to be formally commissioned by the U.S. Navy. He also designed vessels for the British, Dutch and Japanese governments.

He was born in Liscannor, Co. Clare and was a Christian Brother between 1858 and 1873.

A unique collection of John Philip Holland’s papers and other archive material has been donated to Cork Institute of Technology and is housed in the library of the National Maritime College of Ireland in Ringaskiddy. The Edward M Graf collection details how Christian Brother John Phillip made his first drawings of his submarine while a teacher at Cork’s North Monastery secondary school. It also details how he carried out the first submerged experiments with scale models and explosives in the school’s ornamental pond in 1858 and later in the Lee. The wooden models were built by the North Mon’s renowned science teacher, Br Burke.

The collection which was presented to the National Maritime College comprises over 5,000 photographs, sketches, plans and specifications. It also includes copies of letters from the American, British and Japanese governments outlining to Holland their requirements.

CIT is pleased to announce that the indexes to this collection can be viewed at the National Maritime College Library, Ringaskiddy, Co.Cork

It can also now be viewed online by clicking here.

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