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This month marks the 400th anniversary of the first Bachelor of Music degree awarded by the University of Dublin, in October 1612. The recipient of this degree is not recorded, but circumstantial evidence strongly suggests that it was Thomas Bateson (d. 1630), organist and vicar choral at Christ Church Cathedral since 1609.

Music was not taught in the College at this time, so Dublin University is likely to have followed the practice already established at Cambridge and Oxford of awarding the degree to a distinguished musician of proven ability, perhaps on submission and performance of a suitable composition.

To celebrate this anniversary, two music publications from the period are currently on display in the foyer of the Berkeley Library, TCD. The first is ‘A plaine and easie introduction to practicall musicke’ by Thomas Morley (London, 1608). This was the first book on music theory to be published in the English language, and was amongst the earliest books purchased for the Library in the first decade of the 17th century.

Also on display is John Dowland’s ‘First booke of songes or ayres’ (London, 1603), which has particular significance because of its innovative ‘table-book’ format which allowed the singers to read from a single copy while seated around a table. Five editions of this collection appeared between 1597 and 1613, making it the most successful musical publication of its time.

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The Cork PAL Training Workshop, 2012 was held at CIT’s NMCI (National Maritime College of Ireland) in Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork

Date: Monday Sept. 3rd 2012

Focus: shared services.

Working Title:  “THE WIND IN OUR SAILS” Shared services – How technology can help us? From clutter to clouds!

Programme: click here to download

Summary: This, the 3rd annual Cork PAL training workshop, was great success with a large attendance, some very interesting presentations on cloud computing and federated searching, several updates on Pathways to Learning (Cork and Midlands) as well as very useful workshops on a range of relevant topics. Attendees also were given a very nice tour of the College and its facilities.

Click on the following pictures of the event below to see high resolution images:


Tim Horgan, CIT, speaking on Cloud Computing

In honour of Katie Taylor and the day that’s in it, the Irish Traditional Music Archive has unearthed a great Irish traditional song about female boxers The female prize-fight

Sharing the same air and structure as Morrissey and the Russian sailor, it’s a round by round account of the fight between the Ireland’s Jane Murphy and a German fighter. The song was unearthed by Dublin singer Barry Gleeson for his 2005 CD I heard a bird sing at dawn. He is accompanied on the recording by Grace Toland, ITMA’s Music PAL Co-Ordinator.

A worldcat search revealed an 1860 ballad sheet printed in Dublin by Brereton held in Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen called A new song on the American Female Prize fight and glorious victory over the Germans. It can also be found in The Mercier book of old Irish street ballads. Volume III. The people at play / edited with music by James N. Healy, published in Cork, 1969.



Welcome to PAL – the Pathways to Learning programme which supports greater access to library and archives collections and services throughout the island of Ireland.

There are currently three PAL resource-sharing schemes, Cork PALMusic PAL and Midlands PAL which make access easier to libraries and archives throughout the island of Ireland.

Read the latest news on PAL below or click here for further information on this initiative.

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